Parenting education is central to the services The Treehouse offers moms. Our curriculum is constantly expanding to provide moms with fresh content and direction. The Treehouse offers daily educational classes that offer practical tools supporting positive parenting success in our families.  If you are looking for a way to directly influence and empower families, the programs below need funding to be implemented:

2-10 week sessions per year

Women’s Faith & Growth is a Christian-based program that will help our moms explore their top priorities in life – God, family, emotions, parenting goals and more. This program focuses on helping our moms go deeper into God’s Word, walk more fully in His grace, and experience the joy of the abundant life Christ promised. Every 10 week session will follow a certain theme: healing and forgiveness, the 5 Love Languages, women of the Bible, etc.

1-8 week session per year

Love Notes uses media, realistic scenarios, and lively activities that engage our young moms. Participants work through an interactive workbook and are offered one on one relationship building with the Love Notes Facilitator. Topics include how to build healthy relationship, how to communicate effectively, and most importantly how our relationships affect our children.

2-8 week sessions per year

Eating Healthy on a Budget provides moms with easy ideas for cooking healthy on a budget presented by the Sedgwick County Extension Office. Shopping tips, healthy alternatives and how to make the most of leftovers are just some of the topics covered throughout the series.

51 weeks per year
The playroom is a critical part of our educational program model. We offer free childcare and a safe environment for the children while their moms are taking classes. The Treehouse children love story time, crafts, puppet shows, and creating hands-on healthy snacks during Mommy Meetings. We feel that the little ones are also participating in our programs, so we want to provide them with developmentally appropriate stimulation and shower them with love and heartfelt care.

2-7 week sessions per year

A key focus of Money Habitudes is on understanding the widely differing ways in which people behave around money. Moms examine the powerful symbolism of money– as a sign of power, status, love, security, independence, spontaneity, loyalty and more. Guided discussions also reveal how different behaviors reflect the influence of family, media, culture and life events. Using the award-winning Money Habitudes™ card game by Syble Solomon, moms discover their individual financial style, along with its advantages and challenges. This non-judgmental approach helps them manage their financial concerns in productive ways. Finally, moms learn to use the SMART model for building success in setting and attaining personal goals.

51 weeks per year

Our Earn While You Learn video program allows moms to come in on their own schedule and view videos with practical information on infant care, toddlers, positive parenting and life skills. The lessons are reinforced with worksheets and homework lessons. Our goal is to continue adding new modules and videos for the moms to learn from.

1 time per month for 9 months

Lil’ Readers guides parents to actively participate in their child’s development, create healthy home environments and encourage life-long learning in the hearts of children. Our goal is to strengthen the parent/child bond and stimulate little minds.  Each class is centered on a theme that is carried out during the sing along, arts and crafts, story and snack time. Themes include ABC’s, nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, farm animals, etc.

51 week sessions per year

Monday and Wednesday Mommy Meetings are the building blocks of The Treehouse’s educational programs.   They are open to all moms and have been available for the past 11 years. The Mommy Meetings cover a wide variety of topics such as Protective Parenting, The Importance of Female Friendships, Surviving Violence, Women’s Health, Immigration Policies & Services, etc.

2-4 week sessions per year

While attending Baby Basics moms will be able to attend a class with other new moms and learn some valuable skills and lessons. Some of the topics that will be covered are developmental milestones of babies, shaken baby syndrome, how to find quality child care, SIDS, etc.


To sponsor a program or learn more, contact Cristin Coats at 316-686-2600.